Can not login to openelis

Hello, I was able to login to openelis earlier with the default id/passwd (admin/adminADMIN!) but now each time it gives me following error. I did try to extend the passwd expiry date as explained in OpenElis login is not working... - #2 by nidhro

Content of ‘bahmni-lab.log’ file are at openelis -

Can you please help me?

Best regards, Supriya

Please see this thread: Reset the password of a user in OpenELIS (lab system)?

Appears the password is invalid or changed by someone. The password should match, and not be expired.

Thank you very much @gsluthra. My issue is resolved through some hack, I got atomfeed user details from bahmicore properties file through which I was able to login, then I made atomfeed as admin through DB commands and changed ‘admin’ user’s password.

However, initially I was not able to reset the password of admin through openelis UI… when I checked in the DB it showed admin’s password that I was entering correctly plus it was not expired too. I am still clueless on why I was not able login through admin user with ‘adminAdmin!’ passwd… thought it could be passwd encryption issue or so…

Thanks a lot for your time and helping us as always!

Best Regards,