Can not install OpenMRS Core 2.5.0

Application Name: OpenMRS Core Version Number: 2.5.0

Question: I am trying to install OpenMRS Core 2.5.0 but I am getting this error:

I have two PCs in the cloud. The OS of both of them are Ubuntu 20.0.4 In one of them, I’ve installed openjdk version 1.8.0_312. Then I installed Tomcat 7. The other machine has the database. I’ve installed mysql version 8.0.28. Then I create a user in the first VM and grant all the permissions to the database VM. I also created a “openmrs” database and that user has all permissions for the openmrs db. Then when I try to install OpenMRS, I get this problem. Any idea?

Did you select the add demo data option on the setup wizard?

Yes. I have created openmrs db myself, and then selected to add the demo data

Run the setup wizard again, but DO NOT select the add demo data option.

But I need the demo data…

That one is useless. Demo Data - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki


I could handle this problem by installing a prior version of OpenMRS (2.1.4) Probably @dkayiwa’s solution also works (downloading and manually installing the demo data).

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