can not add a person on REST API using JMeter

I want to add a person on REST API using JMeter. Later, I want to perform a load test using this tool. I’m referring to this document for creating my query: Sample REST calls - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

My query on JMeter looks like this:

The url, IP and port number are tested and performs ok. Here I shared a picture of my localhost where OpenMRS is installed (on the same url written on JMeter).

I think the problem is with my query, but I can’t find the right format of writing it.

Hi @roozbeh, could you please refer to the OpenMRS REST API documentation for details?

Yes, I also checked with that. I even just copy-paste this sample:

    "names": [
        "givenName": "Mohit",
        "familyName": "Kumar"
    "gender": "M",
    "birthdate": "1997-09-02",
    "addresses": [
        "address1": "30, Vivekananda Layout, Munnekolal,Marathahalli",
        "cityVillage": "Bengaluru",
        "country": "India",
        "postalCode": "560037"

But it gives me 415 error:

HTTP Status 415 - Content-Type text/plain not supported

That error indicates that you need to ensure JMeter is sending the request with a content type of application/json.

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Yes, I could fix it adding content type based on the following link:

Thanks a lot

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