Can i use OpenMRS modules as part of my paid Healthcare Application for clinics.

Hi All,

I am new to this community. I am starting up in healthcare space and building a healthcare application for practitioners and patients. As part of the product, i observe that some of the requirements can be very well fulfilled by Openmrs. So, the questions are

  1. Can i use Openmrs to build my own software? The software will have its web and mobile versions which can be downloaded and used by practitioners and patients.
  2. Are there any licensing or branding restrictions to use openmrs as mentined above?
  3. I would be using other SDKs and APIs in addition to Openmrs to build some additional functionalities - e.g. I might use Vonage for Teleconsultation etc. Also, i would be writing my own custom piece of functionalities. Does using openmrs take away my flexibility of building my software the way and want.
  4. My healthcare software would have monetization models which would based on subscription, commission and even upselling through ads etc. Does using openmrs prevent me in defining my own business model?
  5. I would want to keep the user information and data stored with my software’s database and not on openmrs database. Can this be accomplished?
  6. What would be the preferred cloud infra to use based on past experience of deploying openmrs?

Thanks a lot and looking forward to learn from the great wealth of knowledge and experience of this community.

Yes you can.

Take a look at this: OpenMRS License FAQ - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki

And this: OpenMRS Public License FAQ - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki

The OpenMRS platform was designed with such flexibility in mind. So you have all that you need to accomplish the above. And where you do not find it as such, we welcome contributions to make the platform even more flexible!

OpenMRS does not prevent you from defining your own business model.

Do you mean your own local instance of the MySQL/PosgreSQL database with the OpenMRS schema/structure?

I have seen many references to Amazon Web Services. @MekomSolutions can share their experience with cloud deployments.

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Well, from a technical point of view it really doesn’t matter, I guess? At Mekom, as long as there’s a SSH tunnel to the host (whatever the host is, as long as it’s Un*x) we can unfold our infrastructure to support OpenMRS.

As for AWS specifically, we have always been using them and it has worked and scaled perfectly fine. We can only recommend them as a Cloud vendor. But again from a technical standpoint I don’t really understand the question, what uses cases out there are not covered by AWS?

There may be legal issues with a vendor or another, but that’s another topic.

Thanks @mksd and @dkayiwa for your response. Super helpful.

w.r.t. the Cloud question, e.g. Google Health APIs provide a bunch of intelligence APIs to further do analytics on the records out of the box (though i have not researched the same for AWS or Azure or others). So if we happen to have some of these in mind for future, is there a preference in terms of matching data format, interoperability with these services.

If the format is FHIR, then we are good.

FYI, there is a collaboration between Google and the OpenMRS community as you can see here: openmrs-fhir-analytics/ at master · GoogleCloudPlatform/openmrs-fhir-analytics · GitHub