Can I use Bahmni modules without openelis and odoo?

Dear Bahmni team,

Thanks for your great work! We don’t need lab and odoo at the moment, but want to use your openmrs functionalities and interface. Will it work without installing the other components? If yes, is there a list or repository of just the Bahmni modules?



Hi @omrslearn,

At the time of installation, you can configure what modules (like Lab, Odoo, etc) you want to set up. Please follow this documentation to update the inventory file according to your need.

In the documentation, you will find sample inventory file. Using this inventory file, you will have MRS and Bahmni Interface, Lab (ELIS), ODOO (ERP) installed.

Yes @omrslearn, you can install just the EMR Part of Bahmni, and choose to not install the other parts – lab, openerp, etc.

As mentioned by @sravanthi17, you can edit the inventory file (which is created once you install the bahmni-installer in location /etc/bahmni-installer/local, and looks mostly like this:

Here remove the word “localhost” from the sections: bahmni-erp, bahmni-erp-db, bahmni-lab, bahmni-lab-db… so that those groups will not be executed. Only emr (and report) group are needed.

Thanks so much @sravanthi17 and @gsluthra I will try these and get back to you.