Can I set Family Name as non required field ?

Hi Guys,

I am trying to implement Bahmni in Indonesia. Basically here, most people they have only one name. So I need to set “Family Name” as non-required.

Also we have existing patient biodata in excel that I am going to import through Bahmni however Bahmni complains that family name is required field thus my import failing.

How can I solve the above issues ?

Hi @abiieez, Please follow Bahmni WIKI for Registration Page Configuration in which there is a section names “Registration Page Patient Name Related Custom Field Validation Configurations” explaining how we can change the existing validation. Please revert if any issues.

Thanks for pointing me to the right place. Howeve I am unable to find “patient.nameValidationRegex”. Is this a file or configuration ? Where do I find it ?

@abiieez, Sorry for wrong information. The patient.nameValidationRegex only applies to validate the pattern. OpenMRS Person Name Default Validation has made the person family name to mandatory. So we can’t actually make it optional.

@swathivarkala, how about we create a ticket in the OpenMRS backlog for this. It’s a quick fix actually, for some future OpenMRS version. (Though this won’t be helpful for Mustafa now.)

-Darius (by phone)

I saw the same requirement in Bangladesh where family name is not mandatory. Created a ticket

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