Can I close down the old GCI tickets in Jira?

Hi @suthagar23 @dkayiwa @burke,

I’m wondering if you can help us clean up some remaining issues in Jira; specifically, can we close the following GCI project and related issues?

I understand Google is not continuing GCI, so I don’t think these are actively helping our community in the present day.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: I am sure this was a very helpful program in the past. Now our challenge is keeping our issue tracker as clean and current as possible :muscle:

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Hi @grace,

Yes, those can be closed. Unfortunately, we will not have any GCIs in the coming years :frowning:


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Thanks so much Suthagar. If we do kick-off a GCI or a program similar to it, the labels will still be on these tickets, so even though they are closed we will always be able to find and resurrect them again if needed :slight_smile:

Update: Completed closing the remaining 84 issues today. The Graveyard label has been applied to them too.

BTW some of these GCI tickets are potential candidates to intro tickets especially those in Development Category. cc @grace @suthagar23

Fair point @kdaud, thanks for raising that. Most of the tickets I saw were either GCI-specific (e.g. “Write a blog post”) or no longer relevant (e.g. “Design logo for Nigeria Telemedicine App”). However yes it’s possible some are still intro candidates.

@kdaud if you or @mozzy would like to look for possible intro tickets in this backlog, here’s the link to everything I closed today that was still open:

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I will get some time and look through this and label those tickets that are relevant in this case. @mozzy is the there a way through this pool of filtering tickets that belong to Coding Category

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@grace we can close those that are specific to GCI

That’s wonderful thanks so much @kdaud!

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