Can I add an email address in the Request Account module?

hi all There is a very useful module created by @darius . The module help in the registration process. However, I need help in creating extra (simple) functions for the module

I appreciate help in doing the following: 1- add email address to which the submitted requests will be emailed to. This is in addition to listing all requests in the module. 2- adding a tick box for accepting terms and services.

Again… thanks for your great help

Hello @yadamz,

Both these features/requirements I believe are specific to your implementation, hence you are encouraged to modify the module separately for your use. The community would only support creating tickets that would not be specific to any implementation.

That said, if you consider them to be generic purpose features, then you can create JIRA tickets for the specific module. These might be picked up by developers interested to work on these features.

Are you a developer? or with any development experience? if yes, you are encouraged to go through the getting started guide for OpenMRS. If not, you might have to engage a developer who is interested to work on them. If you(or the developer) face any difficulty developing the features, you can request help from the community. If you need help designing the features, you can participate in OpenMRS Design Calls to seek help.