Can anyone share an Implementation Guide?

Hi All,

The Bahmni team is starting to put together some public Implementer-focused documentation, and we’re wondering if anyone out there has an existing Implementation Guide that they’d be willing to share with us (for OpenMRS, or any other EMR system).

We’re particularly interested in understanding both how people have structured their documentation, what questions you feel are important to answer, and the change management / process areas.


I have attached the one used by Ministry of Health for Uganda sites. Though it is based on a very old version of OpenMRS (1.6) :slight_smile: OpenMRS Software Training & Users Manual.pdf (2.24 MB)


Hi OpenMRS community,

I’m working on an implementation guide for OpenMRS, and I’m wondering if someone might have some time to read through and share their thoughts and opinions. Or share an updated guide. Struggling to figure out what else to put in this version. Any feedback would be appreciated.


I will read through. Thanks for the work done.

Will also read through and share my thoughts. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

I wish to confirm if the link below is for the guide to be reviewed.

Hello @ruffjm are you working with the link above. Been looking through it though I did not find the openmrs content I was expecting to find. Are you harvesting from it to update the Openmrs implementer guide?

I’ve edited the link

Thank you.

@irenyak1… what information were you expecting? This is the feedback I am looking for. Ideally, this would be for people who can’t manage their own instance, and we instead give them the ability to use ours (a hosted version per say). For example, if the county wanted to use our version of Openmrs, but didn’t have the staff to support to maintain the servers or development. If that makes sense?

Sorry about that! Replied from my phone :pensive: thanks so much for taking a look. Hoping to learn what you think is missing, anything you would like to see.

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@ruffjm I have left my comments on this link which I thought could be of help.

The manual shared by @dkayiwa above can be of help to understand how people have structured their documentation and the questions that are to be answered.

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@ruffjm - I’m not sure I understand the idea you’ve proposed, but I’m interested to hear more. Are you suggesting that OpenMRS start hosting a cloud-based version of the software for countries? If so, there are a ton of details to be able to do so - including some dev work / architectural work. That’s to say, it might be a good idea, we just need to the work of figuring out how that could be done. At the moment, we aren’t there - so i’m not sure I would include that in an implementation guide. Maybe this becomes a proposed project thought? @jennifer

@jwnasambu Thank you so much for reviewing. I think we are going to separate some of what has traditionally been in the implementation guide into the user guide and a training guide. Much appreciated. I love this community.


@janflowers & @jennifer - I think providing a hosted service from OpenMRS would certainly be something for discussion.

With my current position, we found that many places don’t have the expertise/time/money to actually set up openMRS. As part of a population health initiative (economic empowerment, health system strengthening) we are trying to work with local county’s to bring about universal health care. Part of the requirements for participation in the initiative will be to use the AMPATH POC for the EHR. So this is the implementation guide for that. (how to get POC set up for use, once it has been agreed upon that a county/organization/etc. want’s to participate.)

Does this make sense?


I appreciate too for the opportunity you gave me I have learned something from your compilation.


@dkayiwa- I get a 401 unauthorized when I try to view it?

@ruffjm we are also seeing that many places ‘don’t have the expertise/time/money to actually set up openMRS’.

Your guide is a little hard to follow on the Infrastructure section; maybe start it with an overview of the goal. Can you break it up into sections (if you don’t have reliable power, here is the solar section; if you don’t have wifi, here is the wifi section). I get that most sites wouldn’t already have it, but if you broke the sections down it may be easier to digest vs overwhelming.