Calling ParentAtomFeedReader class..SYNCT-327

I am working on SYNCT-327 However am having an issue writing a unit test because am failing to instatiating ParentFeedReader class. I was getting a nullpointerexception due to the Openmrs.Administrator class not being found since it is used to access this class and so I added the openmrs api in the pom file however that doesn’t seem to do change much. A similar error here Module development: org.openmrs.api.APIException: Service not found My unit test is here of ParentAtomfeedFeedReaderImpl am instatiating… The errors am getting are here Any help rendered goes a long way.

Can you share what you have done in form of a pull request such that we take a look?

here is the commit

Also on building the current code source of the sync2-module to get an omod file; it throws the following errors on uploading it to a running openmrs-standalone instance with similar errors of failure to instatiate the parentfeedreader class…