Calling on more reviewers for the GSOD 2020 openmrs projects

As we intend to bring out the best of GSOD 2020 for openmrs,we are calling on more people who might have interest in reviewing the projects that we have.These will work hand in hand with an arleady existing group of mentors/reviewers we arleady have.Check out all the projects on this link and express your interest by commenting on this thread plus the projects you would like to review.Note:No technical writer is allowed to participate in this phase.Thanks

cc @jennifer @burke @dkayiwa @ibacher @grace @gracebish @gcliff @ssmusoke @jwnasambu @jecihjoy @tendomart @sharif @mozzy


Thank you @herbert24 for this excellent initiative. I am interested in helping with the review. I am specifically interested in:

  • Improving Documentation for new developers - I see this is greyed out. Is this replaced by Developing a Suite of Volunteer Guides?
  • Developing Tools and Processes for Maintaining OpenMRS Documentation

I am very interested in the other two topics around REST API and FHIR API documentation, but this is a good start for now for me.

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