building up my first module

Hello members i am new on the plaand I am trying to create my first module but i am getting this error

kindly i need your help thank you.

Oh sorry @joshua. Kindly which command resulted to the error? Besides, which guide are you using to create the first module?

@jwnasambu the command is mvn openmrs-sdk:deploy

Oh sorry! mvn openmrs-sdk:create-project should be the first command as per Creating Reference Application module is concerned.

@jwnasambu yes this was my first command mvn openmrs-sdk:create-project

@jwnasambu it was successful build

Kindly on which step are you getting the error?

Oh sorry! I was wrong and you are right. The error is as a result of not specifying the server id. The command is mvn openmrs-sdk:deploy -DserverId=serverId.

There are these options What would you like to deploy?:

  1. Module
  2. Open Web App
  3. Distribution
  4. Platform

which one can i take

The option depends on the type of server you installed. If you created a Distribution server select Distribution and if it was platform select platform.

It has build successful thank you what next