Building The Projects

Finally installed it is showing this…

I have to do something or start to working on projects and modules

@rishabhdixit1 Oh sorry for the error. Kindly what are you trying to achieve? Besides, mvn -v is the command to confirm maven is installed.

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I am setting up the sdk for projects development

mvn -v is working fine

Kindly follow this guide please! OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

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Are you able to share the output of that command?

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Yes this is here…

@rishabhdixit1 what did you install?

according to this post you didnt give maven a command, you just invoke it with out any specific command, typing


will creat bluid filure that is because there’s no command or directive or instruction upon which maven is called into action i request for you to specify what you want to do or type

C:\users\Hp>mvn help

to see the options of maven commands and their descriptions so that you can effectively use maven

in any more questions you can share in the comments below and we will try to help out thank you

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Thanks @josephbate I am just type this command to see what will happen This showed me failure Build Error I just post it because I want to know why it is showing that! Now I get it!

you’re welcome

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