Build Errors recieved

@dkayiwa I need your help figuring out what could be the cause of this build failure as seen here at pastebin after I run a mvn clean install

My code was Maliciously changed and I really can’t figure out the root cause of this failure. I also run a git status to know in which directorate the code was changed and this is it’s pastebin log

@odorajonathan could you briefly first explain what you were doing so as to help in getting abroad picture for this,also drop the logs for this mvn -X clean install

mvn -X clean install? Did not run that. @herbert24 Although it is not me who did the change it was maliciously changed by a classmate when I left the eclipse code on.

So am as blank on the code change too

Can you share the log when you run this? mvn clean install -e

@dkayiwa this is the pastebin log for mvn clean install -e

@dkayiwa I did a git checkout <file> , git status shows nothing to commit, working tree clean. I think that’s a fine solution to discard changes in working directory @herbert24 thanks for the heads up on that

But the pastebin log you sent me does not have any errors. Does it?

No, it’s fine now, I had actually run a mvn -X clean install was able to clean my working directory, well that’s what it resulted into after doing a git checkout.

@odorajonathan you are welcome