Bugs in Bahmni-UI in firefox / chrome

Hi, I found a bug in Bahmni UI, that happens in Firefox (latest versions) that made me recommend Chrome to my Bahmni users.

Today they found a bug in Bahmni UI using chrome. To my surprise it doesn’t affect Firefox.

  1. In Firefox the Reports section is broken (the dates don’t show up, and any date range you put gives an error).

  2. In Chrome, on the registration page, field validation is not being applied, only when Saving - i.e., it doesn’t show the red bounding box that marks the field when it is wrong. For example try to put numbers on the Patient name. (when you press Save, it will still alert about the mistake, the problem is just the red bounding box).

With this, I am still recommend they use Chrome, but it would be nice to have both working.

This is a know issue. We are not actively supporting Firefox. Chrome is the default recommended browser

In chrome, i could see the alert pop up pointing the specific field. Please refer the screenshot attached.

Also if you are talking about the highlight in red instead of blue, right now we were depending on browser specific display (chrome this is blue and firefox it is red). We can still override it, but we would like to know if that is what you are expecting (show in red instead of blue).

The system requirements are documented here: https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/System+Requirements

Maybe @sravanthi17 we should remove “Firefox” from here if its not a supported browser.

Also, @nostalgicamigo, while reporting an issue with Chrome browser, it will be helpful to mention O.S, and Chrome version. That might help the team in reproducing the issue.

To find out: http://whatversion.net/chrome/

Hi sravanthi, as I said, the issue is not the popup. It’s the red bounding box that is supposed to show - see it’s working in Firefox:

In your screenshot, you had to press “Save” for the warnings to show. Here, the red box shows quickly just right after you pass to another field to write.

We are using Browser specific implementation of pattern validation. Right now we don’t have validation immediately after switching the tabs.

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@nostalgicamigo - Its not a bug, its just the default way Chrome handles validation errors (as opposed to how Firefox handles them). In the registration app, we let the browser determine how to show a validation error in a field.

That’s something I didn’t knew.

Is there a way to change this behavior in chrome then?

So that it displays the red box too, instead of doing nothing…

I went through this article:

And there are many examples there. I tried one on “passwords”:

I see, that when I open the above examples in Firefox, and enter an invalid password, and TAB out of it, it turns the box “red”. This doesn’t happen in Chrome. But, on click of Submit, Chrome shows the error box in “blue” and an error message.

I guess this is the issue… and is dependent on how Chrome seems to perform validation on submit, and not on focus out like Firefox does.

This page shows which versions of browser support this HTML Pattern Validation feature:

This article talks about how we can override the border box to set it to “red” if a box is invalid:

But then its possible that all boxes with attribute “required” set on them will become red even before a user comes into them. Is this needed? On submit, anyways Chrome is showing error on the right field, with the right message.