Bug: To make the expanded view popout arrow visible in Patient Dashboard, pivotTable must be included (even if empty)

Bahmni 0.90, without the pivotTable entry below, the expanded view is not available:

            "type": "forms",
            "dashboardConfig": {
                "numberOfVisits": 5,
                  "conceptNames": [
                    "Dental Exam Form"
                    "Dental Exam Form"

Hi @ouiliam,

Currently, the expandedViewConfig for Observation control will only show up only if pivotTable or observationGraph is present. Is there a reason why you are suggesting to have expandedView without pivotTable ? Why did you opt expandedViewConfig vs the general dashboard that you are already seeing ?

OK, thanks for clarifying that detail, I’m not sure it was in the documentation. We were planning to just show the first 5 visits on the dashboard to save space, but all visits in the expanded view.