Bug - ODOO order sync issue if the previous order is delete/processed

Bahmni version 0.93

  1. Bahmni->Clinical->Consultation->Medications->Place order with 3 medicines->Save
  2. Odoo->Sales->Quotation->check the newly synced order->Delete quotation
  3. Bahmni->Clinical (select the same patient as in step 1)->Consultation->Medications->Edit one of the medicines and add one new medicine->Save
  4. Atom Feed Sync will show error “Previous order id does not exist in DB.” It fails to sync the newly added medicine and any subsequent orders.

This is because of raise warning in order_save_service.py#L359.

Even if the previous order is deleted, ODOO should create a new order with the existing medicines.

Commenting that raise warning or just logging it as missing previous order using _logger would resolve the issue.

May need further discussions.