Bug in "IPD Patients" Canned Report

One of the clients we support reported a bug in the “IPD Patients” Canned Report in which the Diagnosis column doesn’t get populated. We cross-checked this issue at another implementation site and this problem exists there too.

This bug exists in both 0.88 and 0.89 and was reported as High Priority by the customer.

I have the same problem in my implementation here in Tanzania, I have tried to add locationTagNames as recommended in canned report guide but it then display nothing in all columns "

ipdPatients": { “name”: “IPD Patients Report”, “type”: “ipdPatients”, “config”: { “addressAttributes”: [“address1”, “city_village”], “patientAttributes”: [“caste”, “education”], “conceptNames”: [“Height”, “Weight”], “locationTagNames”: [“Report Location”], “filterBy”: “Date of Discharge” } }

can anyone help any idea please!!

Hi Gift,

We ended up writing a custom SQL for this report. I could share it with you if you’re interested in taking this approach. Can’t guarantee if it will work for you since you say all the columns are blank (in our case, only the Diagnoses column was blank), but should give you something to start with.

I will be so thankful if you share it with me.
I meant all columns are blank if you add the location tag =>Report Location, but without it shows all column without diagnosis, so I think you approach can work to me. Please share it.

Download the SQL here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lokbiradariprakalp/lokbiradari-config/master/openmrs/apps/reports/customsql/ipd_admission_discharge.sql

The configuration in reports.json is: “ipdPatients”: { “name”: “IPD Admission Discharge Register”, “type”: “MRSGeneric”, “config”: { “sqlPath”: “/var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/reports/customsql/ipd_admission_discharge.sql” } }

Hope this helps.

Thanks much

Dear Charles, Thank you much, It has worked

@charlesj, have created issue 455 in JIRA. Can you provide more details there?

This is probably same as what is/was being discussed here : Inpatient report with diagnosis

@angshuonline The screenshot pretty much explains it. What other details would you need?

I meant filling in the card details.