Buendia hardware setup on Intel Edison

Hi all!

At OMRS15 a lot of people expressed interest in Project Buendia’s hardware setup. We’re still working on finalising various bits and pieces and we’ll post final specs and install instructions to our Github Wiki later, but to make the version I showed at the conference, you’ll need:

  • Intel Edison - our System-on-a-chip. Includes a dual-core 500 MHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 4GB storage, WiFi, bluetooth. See spec sheet
  • Sparkfun Base Block for Intel Edison - provides power over USB + programming capabilities.
  • MicroSD block - you might not need this if you anticipate 4GB of storage to be enough.
  • (Optional) Battery block - not strictly required. Has enough juice to theoretically power the Edison for 37 hrs in Standby mode [1], but we’re getting closer to 15 hrs with a battery 5 times the size, so I’m not sure what’s going there.
  • Hardware pack - for sticking it all together.

Note that installing software on the Edison is quite difficult - the Edison uses Yocto by default. Sparkfun has a handy guide on how to install Debian, which should be much easier to work with.

Let me know if you have any comments/questions :slightly_smiling:

[1] 35 mW standby power w/ WiFi enabled @ 3.3V = ~10.6 mA, 400 mAH / 10 = ~37 hrs


One note from my experience setting this up: If you want to add any other blocks, or you might want to mount this in a container of some kind, you’ll need a 2nd hardware pack. As it stands, it’s just enough for the items listed above. :slightly_smiling: