Browse Modules Functionality not working

In trying to determine what modules we want to install in our openMRS implementation, we naturally went to but noticed that the browse function seems to only give back the first page of modules.

Now we know we can search for modules (assuming we know the name or topic), and the wiki has a list of modules, (but without the descriptions)

Is anyone else having trouble using the Browse Modules function on

We’ve tried chrome/firefox/IE so we don’t think it’s a browser issue, but…

Any help greatly appreciated, and thanks to all the amazing module authors.


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Hi @drjohn. Sorry you’re having problems.

Assuming you clicked the “Browse” button that looks like:

You should end up at At the bottom of that page you should see an “Older” and “Newer” buttons like this:

Can you double check to see if you see the page buttons in this case?

I can confirm that it is the same for me. Nothing changes when I click on Older. Doesn’t go to the next page although the address bar changes to browse/2

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Big thanks to both of you!

I just created a high-priority bug at to get this fixed, and will mention it to @elliott when I see him tomorrow.

:bug: :mag:

Glad to hear that I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael.


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Affirmative, thanks @drjohn for reporting and @michael for letting me know. I’ll get this fixed ASAP.

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Hi guys,

I committed and deployed a simple fix—the pagers at should be working now. You may need to manually refresh to flush your cache of the application. Let me know if there are any more problems!

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Looks great!