Breaking package on exporting concepts using Metadata Sharing module and a breaking save button

On trying to export concepts using meta data module on the msdbuilder server, packages tend to break for example exporting Reference Application Diagnoses, comes with one concept only. When also trying to add a concept individually under the meta data sharing module when creating a new version, the save button never works as expected, tested this on cc @dkayiwa @ibacher

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Thanks @herbert24 . It was great that the mdsbuilder server is upgraded to OpenMRS 2.4.0, but the modules are older than what we are using locally at PIH with OpenMRS 2.3.4. I would recommend upgrading these omods:

  • Metadata sharing 1.8.0
  • Metadata mapping 1.4.0
  • legacyui 1.8.3

FYI @jmbabazi @mogoodrich


@herbert24 I think you are describing a problem that’s been on mdsbuilder for a LONG time. I don’t see this on other servers. You can select multiple concepts to add to an mds package, but the save button doesn’t act as it should. “Save” should add all the checked concepts (or other metadata) and close the window. It doesn’t close the window.

My workaround is to close the window (click ‘x’) after selecting all the concepts for the mds package AND then refresh the browser window. If it’s not clear, I can send screenshots.

It’s a bug.

@ball i can reproduce these steps and they do flow as described ,let me check out what happens on other servers too

Upgrades are done. No idea if that fixes anything, but here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:.

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Thanks so much @Ian Bacher. It remains a delicate process with some bumps, but it worked for us – exported from mdsbuilder and import into the PIH golden concept server.

The remaining glitches:

  • Stil the save button doesn’t close the window (on mdsbuilder server only) and you need to refresh the browser window.
  • Paging on the list of metadata to import doesn’t work (PIH concepts server). I can go to the first and last pages but not the ones in the middle. I will be SO HAPPY when we start using OCL :slightly_smiling_face:


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thanks ian for the upgrades,now on exporting still using the metada sharing module i get

17 concepts for Reference Application Concepts package

1 concept for Reference Application Diagnoses package

84 concepts for Reference Application Order Entry and Allergies Concepts package

cc @dkayiwa @ibacher @ball @sharif

Awesome progress @herbert24 , Are we having a ticket to track these changes in metadatasharing module.

hi @sharif ,you can have a look at Reference_Application_Order_Entry_and_Allergies_Concepts by HerbertYiga · Pull Request #63 · openmrs/openmrs-module-refe and

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