Best way to record registration/consultation fee in OpenMRS 2.x

I am looking for be way to record the registration/consultation fee in OpenMRS. In some hospitals, it is decided that a small amount ($0.2) should be taken from a patient on each visit. It is also possible that for some very poor patient this fee will not be taken.

End of the day, the hospital need a report to know how much amount is collected.

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You can look for the bahmni for this use case.

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Why not just record a numeric obs through the registration encounter? Then there will be the need to define a basic report to sum up those obs over whatever time frame you’re interested in.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: for immediate response as always.

If i add a field in registration form, then the fee will be recorded only once when he/she will be registered. What if the same patient visit for second time, how record his/her fee.

I was thinking to create a form with a dropdown of following options:

  • Visit Fee - Financial Weak - other If “visit fee” is selected, then a field will be shown to enter amount.

But asked if there is another solution to record just fee. I was away for long time and not well aware of new improvements.

@hpardess These shouldn’t be a big deal, I don’t know the type of hospital setting you’re running but there are multiple ways of implementing that feature.

This can be added on a separate form (eg. Consultation Fee Payment form) then use “Lookup expression” to call the Obs value to any/all of your client evaluation forms. This will easily allow you to query the Obs as a separate report output.

Well yes it’s not a registration fee, but a visit fee. So if it’s tied to each visit this will have to be done via an ad-hoc form.

Not really, this is quite implementation specific in the end. Some people want to record a registration fee, some people require more detailed billing, possibly pushing them to using an ERP system if things become more complex.

There is also OpenHMIS’s openmrs-module-openhmis.cashier module that you might want to look at.

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