Best way to integrate an openmrs module

Hello Guys, I need to integrate the openhmis module into an openmrs instance for our program needs, though I would have to implement so changes, which includes:

  1. some changes to the texts.
  2. add some form logic.
  3. Remove/add some items to the models
  4. Implement some custom reports.

I need the right approach to take in order to achieve this.

Also, when I tried to use the reporting section I got this error: Anyone with experience using this module should please help.


The exact details of the approach will depend on the detailed requirements. But generally, try as much as you can to avoid maintaining your own copy of the module. Instead, raise pull requests to the original module. Make these changes in such a way that they are configurable. That way, those who do not need them, can still use the exact same module.