Best Time of Year for Implementer's Meetings?

Over the past several years, we’ve gone from having OpenMRS Implementers Meetings in September to October to early December. We’re striving for some level of consistency and predictably so that people can plan on joining us - and for planning purposes (usually a minimum of six months). We also try to minimize conflicts with major holidays.

Over the years, the number of digital health or informatics meetings has grown. In addition to AMIA (mid-November) and MedInfo (late August), we now have to consider the timing of meetings such as HELINA, OpenHIE, the Global Digital Health Forum (early December), among others.

This year, late October/early November is starting to emerge as a likely window for OMRS19. We’re also getting an early start and selecting a host country for OMRS20. We’d like to know what you think about the timing of our meetings.

What time of year would you like us to have OpenMRS Implementers Meetings?

  • I prefer September
  • I prefer October
  • Keep it in early December
  • Move to a new month (see my comment for my reasons)

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@jennifer I suggest to Keep it in early December

I fixed @jennifer’s post so you can use the poll to cast your vote. :slight_smile:

Thanks let me cast my vote.

thanks @jennifer for bringing this to the community members to vote and done with the voting :+1: