Best possible way to use web-components developed as a part of gsoc2015 "Add Support for Open Web Apps"

Hello Developers, as a part of gsoc 2015 project we have developed many web-components using polymer JS for developers with just HTML,JS knowledge to use.They include

  • patient-search-component

  • patient-registration-component

  • openmrs-header and few more bread crumbs etc.,


Initial plan was to add all of them to Polymer Designer ( from there it is very easy to use them and create owas but google has stopped supporting designer and our current elements cannot be added to that designer so currently we are trying to figure out best possible way to present it to users.Would be of great help if somebody has any suggestions on possible ways to release these components to users and start the practise of developing owas from these already built components :slight_smile:

Please let me know if anything was not clear in the post.

cc @sunbiz @n_nehete @darius @pascal @vishnurao @burke @maany

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Is there any documentation besides code in github?

@raff sorry for the delayed response nothing as of now.How ever i will update the file in github over the week end :slight_smile: