Beginner - TypeError: Cannot read property 'setMembers' of undefined

Dear All, I am new to Bahmni and OpenMRS. I am able to setup Bahmni on my Windows box successfully through this well explained wiki page below -

I accessed CLINICAL SERVICE where am getting this error - TypeError: Cannot read property ‘setMembers’ of undefined

When searched for the fix they say ‘Rebuilding search index did solve the problem’. Frankly I didn’t get where to start from… as I don’t see any code etc. since I have done only steps so far as explained in above wiki. I will go through wiki too but any pointers will help… also, this will sound basic question but I was wondering where the UI code and DB is setup for the this etc. Thank you in advance.

Best Regards!

Bahmni Configuration heavily relies on Concepts and Concepts sets in OpenMRS. when the search index is broken , alot of features are likely to break in Bahmni. Acces openmrs Administration page at , go to

Maintenance > Search index> rebuild search index

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Thanks so much @mozzy for your quick response! Yes, your pointers surely helped me and my error is gone now :slight_smile: I will go through Concepts to understand it.

Best Regards, Supriya