Bed Management - Print the list view

Bed Management module in Bahmni gives the bed occupancy details in a floor layout view and a list view. Currently, there is no provision for the users to print the list view.

This proposal is about having a provision for the same, with which the users shall preview the printable data and print the same.

Feature details:

  1. Print icon in the list view (similar to Registration Module. Attached a mockup.)
  2. On click of the icon, print view of the current list to be displayed
  3. The printed document layout will be landscape, to accommodate more no. of columns
  4. Column names for print view is configurable - IE can configure the set of columns that are required in the print view

Details to be printed: (check the attachment for reference)

  1. Bed Management List
  2. Ward Name: [Eg. General Ward 3rd Floor]
  3. Date for Print
  4. Occupancy details (Eg. 10 out of 25 Occupied)
  5. Columns in the list view

Bed Management List - Print View.pdf (62.6 KB)

PAT call reference:

@angshuonline @binduak @snehabagri @jinal @vmalini

The print will be similar to what we have in reports unlike the sample attached above (Bed Management List - Print View.pdf) where columns span across pages.

Find sample screenshot :