"Becoming a Git Master" talk by Nicola Paolucci

Nicola Paolucci gave this talk at the Atlassian Summit recently about some advanced Git tips for power users, and now it’s available for you. :smile:

Topics include:

  • Pro aliases & prompts
  • Hiding stuff
  • Conflict resolution tips
  • Polish your code
  • Prevent tampering
  • Project dependencies

Wrapped in a single session, you’ll find the concepts and techniques that convert the average Git practitioner into a master of the craft. We’ll go from technical topics like “efficient conflict resolution” and “effective code cleanup,” to the often-asked “how to handle project dependencies with Git” and “how to manage massive repositories.” And much more.

The video is 51 minutes, so grab a drink or a snack and enjoy learning!


This was interesting… worth the time!