Basic module: mvn package or mvn clean install throws errors. Why?

I am trying to create an OpenMRS module for Bahmni. So to test the existing module, I followed the following steps:

@sam1220 Not very sure what mvn package does Can you please run mvn clean package -e -X and paste you error logs here

@sidvaish97 mvn package does the actual build without installing the resulting artifacts in the local Maven repository (~/.m2/repository). It’s actually what should be used most of the time by every developer since install would override legit builds (which is in general not desired when going through WIP on features.)

As for clean, well, in short it wipes target/ before starting over.

Here for a TL;DR, but it’s all over Maven docs and the Internet in general.

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@sam1220 you should paste the full error trace somewhere like

Also this is not Bahmni-specific, so I’m changing the title and category of your post.

@mksd Thank you so much for clarifying on this will keep this in mind.