basic form, visit form, creating a XForm

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.6 Question: I am trying to follow the guides to create an XForm. However, there is no “basic form” I can duplicate. I tried using the “visit note” form, but that does not show up in the Form Entry view. It also does not show when I check “published”. What do I have to set as encounter type?

I have an example patient with an active visit in the inpatient ward.

I have just edited the documentation. Take a look at it again.

thank you, that helped

It seems that forms only become available after opening the Xforms Designer and saving there. If I only press on “save form” in the “Edit Metadata” view it’s not enough, confusing.

I wonder why there is a Relationships field in the standard form, but I cannot see it in the Schema.

Feel free to edit that documentation to make it clearer. :slight_smile:

I will change the documentation once I figured out why I cannot login to the wiki.

Now what do I have to do to be able to see my forms in the Android app?

The server is dysfunctional at the moment, so I cannot check there.