Bahmniapps: Submitting bug fix

Hello Bahmni Team,

I’m working on the PIH Bahmni Sierra Leone implementation, and I’d like to submit a pull request for a small bug. Is there a process for doing this? I assume I would just issue a pull request via Git, but the first step is what to put in the commit message for my commit–I don’t see a card in Mingle for this issue (and I don’t believe I have rights to create card)–and it seems like general practice is to reference the Mingle card in the commit. Would you like a card to be created first, or should I just summarize the issue in the in the commit message and submit the request?

Thanks! Mark

Hi Mark, You can go ahead and create a PR. We are starting with 0.83 now. It will be great if the PR is for master branch (0.83 release).

Regarding the process, you can raise the issue in OpenMRS Talk, and we will create a mingle card for that. The commit message should contain the mingle card number. One of the bahmni dev’s can merge it to master. Regarding merging it to previous branches, it depends on severity/priority of the defect and our Release Manager will take a call.

Thanks @bharatak

I have submitted a pull request against master:

Take care, Mark


I’ve submitted another pull request here, though unfortunately it may be less than ideal:

I was able to remove the extraneous commits and get it down to a single commit, but:

  1. I made the pull request against the release-0.81 branch, because this is the release line we are currently planning on deploying, and so this was the actual version I was testing against. Issuing a pull request again master seems wrong because I haven’t actually tested against the entire Bahmni master lime. Would it be possible for the Bahmni team to harvest this fix and forward-port it? (It’s a rather ugly bug that results in a red error message on the Edit Registration page)

  2. I have to admit, my asynchronous testing skills are lacking, and I couldn’t figure out a way test this without refactoring the actual code itself (which I didn’t want to do). Any pointers on how to test and I will continue to work on this? I’m able to write a test that changes the value of address, thereby triggering the watch that calls the private populateSelectedAddressUuids method. I can confirm is called, and I can return an empty value, but I can’t get the test to fail, because (I think) I can’t get it “wait” until the callback function in the then() is fully executed.

Thanks! Mark