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Hi Bahmni team,

We have automated our installation and deployment processes based on a certain published version of Bahmni - and have done our testing based on this as well. This is currently configured to retrieve the installer version from this URL:

In the last few days, all of our CI and local builds started failing, and upon looking into this, we discovered that this was because this particular artifact no longer exists, presumably because it is no longer the latest version of the 0.81 installer that is released.

Is there a particular reason why you delete previously published artifacts? Is this something that we need to mitigate against by caching these in our own repositories? We could of course update to reflect the latest 0.81 installer, but I’d rather that be something we choose to do rather than be forced to upgrade whenever a newer version is released, especially if we are in the midst of a rollout.

@mogoodrich / @cioan - FYI.


Thanks, Mike

Hi @mseaton, Its unfortunate that the bahmni-installer rpm is removed from the bahmni-repo. We have started publishing the artifacts from .80 release of Bahmni and we saw that the bahmni-repo has grown in size tremendously. Bahmni repo is mostly a nightly build repo and is limited by the size of our disks.

That is the reason, we started publishing the artifacts to bintray. Please be assured that the artifacts in bintray will NEVER be removed. Please rely on bintray artifacts and not on our nightly-build repo.

We have plans to move out of our internal bahmni-repo to bintray for nightly builds as well so that people can still rely on them. Sorry for the inconvinience. This is the latest installer for 0.81 in bintray

+1 to the suggestion for pointing to bintray, and NEVER deleting any rpm from bintray.

+1 to: We should retire our internal bahmni-repo, and instead only use bintray (nightly builds kind of feature, although I guess its not just nightly, but each build).

I also think we should maintain a “released versions” page on Wiki, which is a table mentioning ALL the RELEASED/TESTED versions for community consumption of all versions of Bahmni. The idea being that whenever we release a version (major or minor or patch), we should update the table with a row, saying:

  1. Bahmni Major Version
  2. Bahmni Exact Version
  3. Description
  4. RPM Number / Link on bintray
  5. Which commit on Github or Which build on CI (link)
  6. Link to Release Notes / Support Notes.
  7. Date

This way by looking at this page I should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Which is the latest released version of Bahmni?
  2. What is contained in the latest released version of Bahmni?
  3. Which RPM represents the latest released version of Bahmni?
  4. Which is the latest patch released version of say, v0.80? What bugs were fixed in the patch release?

Here are examples of what I am suggesting:

/cc: @sushma @poorvaja @bharatak @angshuonline @vinay @sravanthi17


@gsluthra that would be incredibly useful - +1.

I will definitely start pointing us to Bintray. I had actually looked to do that yesterday but it didn’t seem that the 0.81-366 version was published there at that time. Looks like it is there now, so I’ll update our scripts to point there.

Thanks! Mike

@bharatak and all - I just tried switching to the bintray repo and installing based on that, and I now get the error: [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 22 - \"The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

Did not all appropriate dependent RPMs make it into bintray with version 0.81-366 of the installer? Is it possible that I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks, Mike

@mseaton Sorry for the inconvinience. Can you please try now ?

Hi @sravanthi17, although I see that this exists in this folder., the URL that the installer is trying to download from here is still not found. I’m not entirely sure why - perhaps there is an index that needs updating on bintray or perhaps something else needs to happen when publishing?

Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike, I have not tried it by hand, but I hope you are using the repo url as in setup.yml

Refer to a sample setup.yml for endtb project.

Will try to run the installer once tomorrow morning IST

Default repo url is bintray I ran the installer and it works fine.

@bharatak - I removed any custom configuration of bahmni_repo_url altogether in order to ensure we are using whatever is set in the Bahmni defaults. Hopefully this is correct. If I add back in an explicit bahmni_repo_url: “”, the same problem persists.


Can you try yum clean all

@sravanthi17 - that seems to have done it. Nice suggestion!

Thanks to you and @bharatak for all of your help getting us back on track.

Cheers, Mike

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Though the rpms are stored in which is different from the base url of repo. Bintray internally resolves to that location.

Hi, Please refer here for details on bahmni releases. We will keep this page updated when we have any bahmni release which the community can refer to.

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