Bahmni Vagrant running openERP possible ??

i have been using Bahmni 0.91 via vagrant, and have been wondering if anybody has successfully setup openERP using a vagrant box installation.

infact, i am wondering if the vagrant box isn’t a huge limitation.

anybody with tips for my 2 points above?

Hi @degbenedio Bahmni Vagrant box 0.91 comes with OpenERP preinstalled and it should work out of the box the way EMR and OpenELIS(lab) modules are working for you.

What do you mean by OpenERP “setup” here ?? Are you referring to any customisations of OpenERP ??

thanks @binduak. OpenERP does not work out of the box for me. i use 0.91 and all other things work. including open LIS. It simply gives a “webpage not found” error. any pointers?

@degbenedio As part of building the Bahmni vagrant box, we stop the openerp and couple of other services as shown in the below script

You have to start the above mentioned services to access OpenERP and Reports modules.

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wow. thanks much.

it did the trick

i accessed the command line from virtualbox, using login details vagrant,vagrant.