Bahmni - Upgrade MySQL to 8.0?

Modified bahmni-playbooks to introduce MySQL 8.0. The installation runs successfully but OpenMRS throws error.

java.lang.RuntimeException: Error occurred while trying to get the updates needed for the database. Unable to get a connection to the database.  

Note that from command prompt, mysql can be connected using openmrs-user/P@ssw0rd which is in

So it is the issue of mysql-java-connector version?

hello @nawazshaikh

  • have you ensured you can connect to you DB with your Credentials ??
  • have you ensured your MySQL instance is started At the time of running your server ??

and OpenMRS version are you running ??

MySQL 8 requires OpenMRS platform 2.4 and above. Bahmni has not yet upgraded to that version of the platform.

@ramashish hope this answers you too