Bahmni Threshold Testing

We have a requirement to support 40+ concurrent users accessing Bahmni. To ensure the load Bahmni is able to handle 40 or more concurrent users we have tested the performance for the below scenarios.

  1. Clinical
  • Search Patient from queue
  • Launch Clinical dashboard for the patient
  • View Clinical queue
  1. Bed Management
  • Search patient in all the bed management queues
  • Check the list of available beds in the all the bed management locations
  1. Programs
  • Search Patient in Program queue
  • Go to Consultation
  • View medicines to the Patient record
  1. Registration
  • Search Registered Patients in Registration Queues

Our observations:

  1. For 40 users, the performance for the above scenarios is good. But when we tried with 100 concurrent users, we see a difference in the response time for API calls from milli seconds to minutes.
  2. However, Bahmni server is not down even with 100 concurrent users.

cc : @binduak @buvaneswariarun @tarunshettygari @matirp235 @swedhan


We deployed Bahmni on a 16gb Of RAM and speed is not an issue for us even though concurrent users are less than 100