Bahmni Server to thin clients/workstation question.

Does anybody here knows how many thin clients/workstations can access to Bahmni server at one time?

My proposed server is a quad-core Intel i7, 16GB of ram and an SSD drive, ( I think that should work fast enough)

And I’m sure it depends on the specs of the workstations but granting all workstations are using Intel Atom processors, 4GB of ram and 7200rpm hard drives…

Anyone have an experience on this?

By the way, all thin clients/workstations use WIFI to access Bahmni server

I guess this is somehow a noob question, but anyone has a take on this?

We have 170 thin clients connected to OpenMRS (not Bahmni) at University Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti. I don’t have the hardware specs but can find if you still need them.

Ellen Ball Partners In Health

Is Bahmni more heavy on the load compared to OpenMRS?

@ball, can we have their hardware specs?

Really appreciate it. Thanks