Bahmni/PIH session in design forum?


As you’ve seen from our posts, at PIH we are in the process of evaluating Bahmni for program support, specifically HIV. We are getting to the point where it may make sense to have a conversation to discuss some of the functionality and the possibilities. We thought that instead of having a private call for this, it may make sense to have a discussion on an upcoming design forum. Let us know if the Bahmni agrees to this and then we can work with @jthomas to schedule the session.

We are looking at the aspects of program support we can support within Bahmn and how we would set up our dashboards. Once it is scheduled, we can send more information.

Thanks, Dave

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Dave, Makes sense to me to have a conversation about this. I’d like to be part of the meeting, as we are looking at functionality needs for a number of similar clinical programs (that’s an FYI to @jthomas to try to include me in scheduling).


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Folks from Bahmni India team would also like to attend this discussion (me included). The OpenMRS Design Forum is a good place to discuss this – if that is the plan.

cc: @akhilmalhotra @kartikn @angshuonline @darius

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How would Monday, November 21 @4-5pm UTC work for everyone?

Fine by me.

Thanks, @jthomas That would work for us, but is there any time on next week’s (November 14) Design Forum? It looks like it’s open on the schedule. If that works for other folks, it would be much better for PIH based on the progress we are making now.


@ddesimone we will be holding design calls next week but we expect attendance to be light as it is also the week of AMIA. I believe @burke @darius and @jteich will not be able to attend. Please correct me if I’m wrong guys.

Depending on what papers and panels are going on at that time, it would be more difficult, yes.

I am available for the design call either 11/14 or 11/21.


@gsluthra it sounds like @darius is a yes and @jteich is a maybe for doing the design call on 11/14. Is your team able to attend on 11/14? @ddesimone if the Bahmni team can make it on 11/14 are there any others that are required?

cc: @akhilmalhotra @kartikn @angshuonline

Shall not be able to attend on 11/14 but available on 11/21.

11/14 works better for me & @kartikn (4pm UTC… 9:30pm India time).

Thanks @darius, @gsluthra, @jteich, @ddesimone, @jthomas and all - perhaps since nothing else is on the agenda and some have a preference for Monday the 14th, we can book that date and plan for it. I’m guessing that this will be the first in a series of conversations around understanding what Bahmni can currently do in support of programs, what might be desirable to add, and how we might design and add in new capabilities over time. If we find a follow-up conversation is useful as soon as the next Monday the 21st, then nothing would prevent us from continuing then.

Thoughts? Mike

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I’m going to put this on the schedule for Monday and if for some reason it does not work out or the discussion requires more time we can move it to the 21st.