Bahmni PAT call on 8-Aug-2018

We have a PAT call at 7:30 pm IST on 8 Aug 2018, thats 2 pm UTC, 10 am ET. Zoom meeting.


  1. Plan for Bahmni 0.92 release
  • Our focus for 0.92, is towards platform upgrade. That includes 1) OS and essential dependencies (e.g. Python, Ansible, Databases etc), 2) component upgrade specifically for Odoo upgrade. 3) Infrastructure upgrade and transfer (eg. CI/CD, Demo env). Please come prepared for with - findings/analysis, broad level effort and timelines.
  1. … ?

Attn: @darius, @mksd, @binduak, @ajeenckya, @arjun, @pkanchankar, @krishnanspace, @pramidat, @sruti

(Please loop in others as needed)

I’ll suggest @mksrom to attend as well to assess whether he could help with some of the 0.92 tasks, depending on the scope.

We would like to discuss tech solutions for some of the Appointment Scheduling enhancements we discussed in last week’s call.

Would like to discuss Empty Forms printing feature. With a lot of feature development planned from various implementations, we should streamline the process for merging these new features.

Hello All:

Please find attached 2 documents which can be referred while on call.

  1. OpenERP7 Module Analysis Document: Attached
  2. Odoo 10 Module upgrade document: AttachedBahmni Openerp Modules v7_ Analysis.pdf (205.5 KB) Final _ OpenERP to Odoo v10 Migration.pdf (209.9 KB)

Please find attached document for CentOS 7 upgrade. This is WIP (work in progress) document

Please find meeting notes here