Bahmni PAT call on 4 Nov 2020

Reminder, we have PAT call, happening - at 6:30 pm IST, that’s 1 pm UTC, 8 am ET Wednesday, 4th Nov 2020.

Zoom meeting:

Please provide any topic you would like to discuss in this thread.

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Since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, SAJIDA Narayanganj hospital has been converted into COVID isolation and treatment center. Providing free of cost services (including medication, food and ambulance) to COVID-19 patients.

To provide quality health service and to make the work process easier for its health workers Sajida Foundation took the initiative to implement Bahmni ‘EMR & hospital system’ at both of its hospitals. But while piloting the automation we figured out few issues that should be addressed. Among them ‘Bed Rental Automation’ seemed the most wanted. After a doctor/user assigns a bed from OpenMRS, the automated quotation should be generated on the billing system(Odoo) and it should generate a cumulative bill depending on the type of bed and the count of stay. Bed rentals should be reconciled from advance payment account with the number of stay registered in the IPD module automatically as well.

Please find notes here