Bahmni PAT Call March 27 2019

Dear All,

PAT call happening at 7:30 pm IST today, thats 2 pm UTC, 9 am ET. Zoom meeting:

Please update your agenda below.

  1. Bahmni 0.92 updates
  2. Odoo Integration updates
  3. 0.91 Patch updates
  4. Roadmap discussion

@ajeenckya, @angshuonline, @arjun, @darius, @ivange94, @krishnanspace, @mksd, @mksrom, @nehagupt, @pramidat, @ramashish, @ramses, @shilpa, @shivarachakonda, @snehabagri, @sruti, @swathivarkala, @vmalini

Please find the meeting notes here

We have finished reviewing most of the feature requests on the trello board. In the next 2 calls, we will be focusing on the cards from the JIRA that were marked for 0.93 (as fix version). With this effort, we are also trying to clean up the JIRA and move the cards to respective versions.

Please go through this worksheet to find out the list of items. I have taken a first pass, and working on the details (done till row 40). Don’t bother about any card thats marked as “bug” or that says status as “Pull request/Code Review”. We are only going to be discussing - improvements, features, Epics etc. Also note the comments column and pay attention in case, in my analysis, there are discrepancies.