Bahmni PAT call, date changed to Thursday for this week - 27 Jan 2022

Dear all,

Considering tomorrow is Republic Day of India, and also public holiday, and expecting turnouts to be low, we have decided to postpone the call to a day later, that is Thursday 27th January - same time.

PAT call will happen - at 6:30 pm IST, that’s 1 pm UTC, 9 am Eastern Time Thursday, 27th January 2022. See your timezone here .

Zoom meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Please provide any topic you would like to discuss in this thread.

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Hello @angshuonline , we would like to showcase the work done on these areas:

  1. Bahmni@next medication screen
  2. Dockerization
  3. Log 4j updates and other issue fixes.
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Hello all, We want to discuss about enabling location as mandatory field in appointments based on config variable.

Please find notes here

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Thanks for the notes @angshuonline, very helpful. A question: Can you help me understand; how would a new bahmni-fhir-omod be different/advantageous compared to leveraging/improving the existing FHIR2 omod?

(e.g. I see the notes that (1) “OMRS FHIR representations are not complete enough for Bahmni”; (2) OMRS FHIR does not support “Consultation” level POST". Item (2) seems possibly fixable in the FHIR2 omod (with people to implement that). Would be good to understand (1) in more detail. Because I do think there’s interest in improving the module together.

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Long discussion but quickly some examplees

  1. OMRS model can not hold advance FHIR Dosage
  • Bahmni uses - drug_order.dosing_type (the processing class) and drug_order.dosing_instructions (json string) - if we really want to collaborate, then we need to work out common model and APIs.
  • Similarly there are differences betweeen how OMRS looks at encounter and Bahmni does - for Bahmni one single consultation is one encounter. OMRS used to treat by forms.
  1. As you would have already experienced that API interactions extremely chatty, which will pose challenges for low-latency environments. Bahmni took forward the EMR-API and built an abstraction over it - to provide a coarse grained atomic API. We think a simple FHIR document profiles can replace the EMRAPI using FHIR standards.

Happy to talk more

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