Bahmni PAT call 18-Apr-2018

On the upcoming PAT call (in ~19 hours) we will discuss two important roadmap-related topics. We started discussing both of these topics 2 weeks ago, and we’ll continue now:

  1. Clarify the scope and timing of the next release (0.91)
  2. Propose a roadmap to guide us for the next 6 months.

Highlights from last call

About the next release:

  • We want to push for the 0.91 release to be dev-complete soon (maybe the end of this month).
  • We should plan for a community QA Testing period. Look for an announcement as soon as we’ve locked down the timing.

About the 6-month roadmap

  • Plan for 0.92 to be purely focused on platform upgrades (CentOS, Odoo)
  • Tagged a few items for 0.93

See our planning sheet:

Call-in details