Bahmni PAT call 16-Sep-2020

Reminder, we have PAT call, happening - at 6:30 pm IST, that’s 1 pm UTC, 8 am ET Wednesday, 16th Sep 2020.

Zoom meeting:

Please provide any topic you would like to discuss in this thread.

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I want to walkthrough on the Teleconsultation feature (Receptionist - Scheduling the Teleconsultaiton Appointment. Doctor - Joining Teleconsultaiton)


2.Status update of Bahmni Starter Kit release

  1. Overview of Bahmni as HIP ( Health Information Provider)

We would like to make a first release of Bahmni-covid19 starter kit rpm along with the deployment documentation to be available for public download. We would like to discuss if this can be hosted as part of the Bahmni product bintray.

@ruchikab @adhavan

Please find notes here