Bahmni PAT (Aug 23, 2017)

Hi all,

We have a bunch of topics under the hood. Here are some of the main or more pressing ones:

  • I18N - Bahmni Core to support metadata i18n with Ext I18N.

  • Displayed concept names in Bahmni Apps and the short names convention (or not). See: BAH-291: ‘ConceptData and OrderFrequencyData names diverge from Observation Forms and Concepts guidelines’.

  • Bahmni Apps and npm versioning.

  • The backporting topic again.

We may discuss only a subset of the above and of course if anyone else wants to squeeze in their topics, please do!

These are great topics. I suggest we discuss i18n of metadata first, and if time is left we have an initial discussion about concept names. (But we can decide for sure at the start of the call.)

This seems like a tech topic which could start with a Talk post.

Hi @darius, is the Bahmni PAT call taking place tomorrow? If yes we don’t really have new topics, just the same ones as stated two weeks ago. But of course if anyone else is willing to suggest topics, they are more than welcome.

@mksd, I was expecting that you were going to post some pre-discussion material on one of these topics, so people would have a chance to review before discussing on the call.

I will post about doing tomorrow’s call to continue the discussion about shared development process.

Hi @darius, sure, sorry there’s been a misunderstanding. I will do so there will be some pre-readings for the following weeks.