Bahmni PACS-Integration on Carestream PACS

Hello, I’m trying to configure the PACS-Integation for my workflow.

We have a commercial PACS from Carestream. Up to know we have been working without a RIS and simply entering study and patient details on the modalities (DX, CT, CR). The documentation for Carestream is a bit spotty, so I can’t figure out how to make a worklist solution work on Caresteram. I do think I should be able to get it running directly on the modality.

Are the Pacs-Integration HL7 messages compatible with the HL7 interface on an GE digital x-ray console? I know the AE_TITLE, and I know the IP and Port for DICOM communication.

I have gone through the steps on the Wiki for setting up the PACS integation in postgre (set the modality to be the DICOM IP and port and AE TITLE of the xray machine) and openMRS, (though I was a little confused about the test numbering), but I when I send a radiology order, nothing happens. Where can I see logs of what should be happening?

Thanks for your help!