Bahmni PACS-Integration Module

hello every one, I have few questions to ask about the Bahmni platform:

1- PACS-Integration Module : Did the Bahmni team developed it by their ownselves or it’s an integration of an existing module? 2- In case of an existing integrated module: a- How can we integrate it in our openmrs platform? b- How can we sen radiology orders from openmrs platform to DCM4CHEE ?

PS: Knowing that we have installed the openmrs platform v.1.9.8 and we have integrated the radiology module version .radiology- :the connection between radiology module and DCM4CHEE is successfully established but after the creation of the radiology order we get nothing in the DCM4CHEE modality worklist tab.

Thank you.


Yes. This is inhouse developed module. Please refer to Bahmni WIKI for more info. Please navigate through the left sub pages.

I hope you get all answers from the above mentioned Bahmni WIKI. Please revert back incase questions or any help.

Thank you @swathivarkala I still can’t integrate this module “pacsintegration module” in my OpenMRS 1.9.8 :frowning: there are so many other accessory modules missing or not compatible to OpenMRS 1.9.8, which is disturbing the complete integration of our wanted module. Can you help me with this?

@charchabil, see the wiki documentation link provided by Swathi in her post.

This is a component of the Bahmni distribution of OpenMRS, and we can’t provide any support for trying to use it with a different OpenMRS version.