Bahmni package: 'bahmniRelease' project variable is fixed to 0.84

Hello Bahmni team,

Looks like the bahmniRelease variable is 0.84, in all releases branches of the Bahmni package code repository (as well as master):

Therefore build sub projects, for instance Bahmni-web, will output bahmni-web-0.84-1.noarch.rpm

Hi @mksrom, We have started using gradle to build rpms for Bahmni from 0.84 version. That is the initial version number. As part of CI process we dynamically pass the version number through pipeline which builds Bahmni artifacts.

OK thanks, How to you do that in your CI? ie, override the bahmniRelease Gradle variable with yours? For instance I see that release can be overwritten with your CI variables:

But haven’t found anything similar for the bahmniRelease variable.

Hi @mksrom, Check “Gradle properties and system properties” in this page to set a project property of the root project. For eg: -PbahmniRelease=#{rpm_version}

Great thanks for this !