Bahmni open elis

Can we use open elis on aws free tier?

Can we input lab findings on bahmni clinical without setting up open elis?

Hi @forshreenathji OpenELIS is free to use, and we use it on AWS in our projects and implementations. If you are using OpenELIS outside of Bahmni, I would strongly recommend using the latest release 2.4 to make sure you get the advantage of the re-write in Spring, FHIR-first approach with ready-to-go interoperability with OpenMRS, and bi-directional analyzer interfaces, and more. You can find the OpenELIS documentation and code here: Install OpenELIS Global - OpenELIS Global Documentation

If you are using Bahmni, you certaintly can enter lab results data into it without using the OpenELIS 1.x version included in their distro.

Hi thanks for reply , actually i want to use openelis inside bahmni , but with free tier aws , i dont want to pay as i want to use it on a research work . m basically a medical student.

but i got to know from some friends that if we integrate open elis in bahmni it will slow up the system

Kindly share your views