Bahmni Local install with limited internet access


I tried installing Bahmni on a centOS machine using the instructions on the site. That did not work for me because of poor internet connection.

I am trying now to download the install files first and then do the installation offline. I am using this link to download the files :

My problem is I don’t know which files to download ?


If you want bahmni 0.80 release, you can download the following rpms: bahmni-emr-0.80-369.noarch.rpm, bahmni-erp-0.80-56.noarch.rpm, bahmni-erp-connect-0.80-56.noarch.rpm, bahmni-event-log-service-0.80-45.noarch.rpm, bahmni-lab-0.80-55.noarch.rpm, bahmni-lab-connect-0.80-369.noarch.rpm, bahmni-reports-0.80-73.noarch.rpm, bahmni-web-0.80-369.noarch.rpm, openmrs-1.12.0-369.noarch.rpm from URL:

Hi @zoulouky,

The rpms I have mentioned are only bahmni rpms. We would also need rpms like mysql , postgres and others.

This question is answered in detail here: