Bahmni installer fails due to missing ansible-1.9.4

Hi Bahmni team,

I tried installing a fresh copy of Bahmni today using the 0.80-193 version of the bahmni-installer package. It fails with this error:

$ bahmni install inventory Using inventory file at /etc/bahmni-installer/inventory… Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

If I go into /opt/bahmni-installer/bin/bahmni and change the line that installs ansible from yum install -y ansible-1.9.4 to yum install -y ansible, things seem to work.

I don’t know why this just started happening - thoughts? Can others verify this problem on their end?

Thanks, Mike

Hi @mseaton, What is the installed ansible version now?

I guess, it would have installed ansible 2. Seems like epel repo has been recently added with ansible 2 ( it had ansible-1.9.4 before). Now ansible-1.9 is available as ansible1.9. So to get 1.9 installed, we should do yum install -y ansible1.9

Hi @preethi_s,

Yes, the installed Ansible version now is:

$ ansible --version ansible

It seems worrisome that this hard-coded dependency would just up and vanish, making all bahmni-installer versions up until now no longer work.

Are there any chances of a patched bahmni-installer version being available to fix this soon, or should we try to hack in a manual fix by adjusting the content of /opt/bahmni-installer/bin/bahmni for now? What do you recommend?

Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike, I agree with you that hard-coded dependency on ansible-1.9.4 is a problem. While we try to provide a solution for it, I have asked our team to provided the ansible-1.9.4.rpm file in our ThoughtWorks repo (rather /etc/yum.repos.d/bahmni.repo which gets configured on installation of bahmni-installer) so that backward compatibility is taken care. I’ll confirm on the same thread when that is complete. Thank you.

Thanks @bharatak. I managed to work around this problem by adding a step to our own deployment process, which we have also use Ansible for:

  • name: Replace the installation of ansible-1.9.4 with ansible1.9 replace: dest=/opt/bahmni-installer/bin/bahmni regexp=‘sudo yum install -y ansible-1.9.4’ replace=‘sudo yum install -y ansible1.9’ backup=yes

But I agree that this is definitely something worth trying to fix sooner rather than later.

Thanks! Mike

Hi @mseaton,

We have fixed this as part of the installer 0.80-201 (the latest installer artifact for endTB), which is available at . By the way, I could not find the installer 0.80-193 in our repositories. Can you please let me know where did you download it from?

Thanks, Mahesh Kumar

Great - thanks @maheshonopenmrs! Sorry, I mis-typed earlier - we have been using 0.80-173

Thanks for the confirmation @mseaton . Can you please let us know if you still face any issues with this installer?

Regards, Mahesh Kumar